Floor 2 Wall Ltd was established in 2004 after the three directors sold their previous company Tempastor. During their combined 50 years directing Tempastor they designed Tempafloor® and Tempawall® for the relocatable temporary warehouse industry. The remit for the flooring was to provide a strong easily relocatable floor which would accommodate the use of heavy duty equipment and various other uses within a temporary warehouse. The major negative with the current walling in the market at that time was that after being installed within the temporary warehouses for a couple of hire periods, the walls quickly became ‘tired’ looking and had to be replaced, and were non recyclable! The Tempawall® would last many many uses and be robust enough and flexible enough to withstand heavy winds and even the odd beer barrel (experienced by a client whose fork lift truck driver had a wee slip) – The Tempawall®  on their structure simply flexed on impact and returned to position!

So, we had the best floor and the best wall for our temporary warehouses, so when the directors sold their business they retained both of these rather clever and unique products to form Floor 2 Wall Ltd. Since then, Tempafloor® has been continuously used in the Temporary Warehouse and marquee market and also to cover ice rinks to hold pop concerts, walkways for events etc. Our Tempawall®  continues to be the most popular of systems for the Temporary Warehouse market not only because of strength but because they are very easy to install due to their size and weight.