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Miceal Harding

Miceal HardingMiceal Harding┬áhas had 34 years experience in the marquee / temporary warehouse industry starting his career at Owen Browns, then managing Snowdons marquees. Since then, and whilst owning a sock factory manufacturing plant, he created Tempastor back in 1972 as what can only be described as ‘a hobby’ erecting approx 1 x structure per month.

After being joined by Tracy Jackson and his eldest son Michael, this company soon became the leading name in Temporary Warehouses erecting between 3 & 5 structures per week and employing 30 staff!. During this period, he was later joined by his youngest son Oliver and together the formidable four invented TEMPAFLOOR and TEMPAWALL as other products in the market were simply not robust enough for long term and re-ocurring uses.

He sold Tempastor in 2004 and retained both the flooring and walling systems to sell and hire from newly formed; Floor 2 Wall Ltd.

1972 – 2005
2004 – to date