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TempAfloor® is an advanced heavy duty floor system designed to cover ground quickly and efficiently. For use indoors and out, for transforming unsightly and inefficient ground surfaces into clean and manageable spaces for industrial, commercial, and leisure uses. Ultra heavy duty and extra rugged ground support system designed for extreme climate and terrain and widely used in military exploration and major civil engineering projects. This contour compliant system has been used for creating more efficient working surfaces for vehicles, plant and personnel in areas with difficult ground conditions. Unlike aluminium and steel systems, TempAfloor® polymer composite material tempers extremes in heat and cold creating a more user friendly working surface.

TempAfloor® was originally developed to withstand very heavy traffic from forklift trucks, pallet trucks and heavy plant in temporary warehouse structures. We tried most of the available flooring products on the market, and, as none were suitable for this use, we were forced to design and develop our own floor system, which is now available for a wide variety of uses, for sale or for rental.

TempAfloor® will be a valuable asset at any event, from roadways and walkways to covering large areas, outdoors or under tentage. Our prices, for sale or rental, are very competitive. In our opinion, our product is better than anything else on the market. Please contact us if you would like a sample, a quotation or a site visit.