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Technical Specification

Choice of Material:
Using experience gained in the design and testing of `Rollaroad` with high-density polythene and similar experience with polypropylene in large area coverage on green field sites, we found that polypropylene performed marginally better across the temperature range indicated by our clients. We then developed a `designer` compound to give us the necessary ductility and impact strength with a finish which would more suit pedestrian traffic than can be achieved with polythene.
The geometry of the profile was based on finite element analysis to produce a high load bearing structure using the minimum amount of material. The resulting profile belies its potential strength.
Specifically formulated co-Polymer Polypropylene compounded with the unique fire resistant / anti U.V. degradation package.
Fire Resistance:
The Compound was specifically designed to meet new European Fire regulations in class B2. This formulation has the ability to be upgraded to class B1 should there be a requirement.
The co-Polymer compound automatically holds an UL94-V2 certificate, which conforms to EURO B2.
U.V. Stability:
Accelerated U.V. degradation tests (in colour RAL 7045 GREY) indicate 5/6 years continuous protection based on a U.V. strength of 100 Kilolangleys (Southern European areas). However, colours like Dark Green would surpass this performance by up to 50%.
Width (overall):
Width (effective):
Wall Thickness:
Section Length
From 0.5mtr to 13.5mtr
12.5 kg/m2
Working Load*:
Single Profile – STATIC: 150 tons/m2
Double Profile – STATIC 500 tons/m2
* Safe working load assumes laid on firm level compacted substrate @ 23 degrees C ambient.
Grey stock (any colour to special request)
Typical Loading**:
Total Area – 1890m2
Total Weight – 23.63tons
** based on 13.5mtr trailer