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Having tried most of the walling products available over many years at TempAstor, all with some disadvantages, we decided to design the best product for this application. The UPVC walling profile drops horizontally into a 42mm U channel, which fits into the groove in most tent manufacturer’s uprights. The plank fits snugly, so doesn’t rattle, and being hollow, has good insulating properties. It is also much easier to fit doors and window frames, just by using extra U channel where required. In the U.K. we have problems now with Health and Safety for staff if ladders are required, but with our horizontal wall planks, a 6m high wall can easily be built from ground level.

We extrude the plank in any colour at 200mm x any length – standard in the UK is 5m x 200mm, so in this case, the plank price is the same as the square metre price – and in the UK, we are about one third of the price of the alternative hard wall systems. Standard colours are grey or white; any RAL colour can be produced, but there is a surcharge for this. We can also produce clear, transparent panels for futuristic architectural structures.

Unlike vertical wall panels, TempAwall® needs no intermediate uprights, and no top or bottom framing. However, if the bay size is over 3m wide, we recommend, particularly for long term use, that OUR `W` steel sections are inserted in the honey comb profiled wall every third plank, particularly in extreme weather conditions with high wind loadings, to give extra security and stability.



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